Senior Software Development Engineer, Forecasting

We are looking to hire an established Back end engineer to work with our big data platform that enables our data driven micro-services to source enterprise data and innovate our business. As we are engaged with the modern technologies and architectures we have very interesting technical challenges to solve.

Our distribution network is one of the most advanced of its kind. Based on an innovative ‘hub to spoke’ model, it’s helped us to become a digital retail leader by making services like Fast Track a reality. This pioneering service allows our customers to get same day delivery across 20,000 products – an industry first. We adopt data-driven approaches to analyse the supply and logistics of 53000 different products from 5000 preferred supplier partners held in our big data platform.

Technologies in our stack for this role:

Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Impala, Scala, Java 8, Kotlin, Docker, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud deploying to Mesos & Marathon, Spring Dataflow, Apache Kafka.

Key responsibilities

Analyse and visualise the data such as lost sales, customer orders, warehouse purchase and transfer orders and help optimise processes of forecasting and replenishment
Enable the Machine Learning team to source the data collected for the ML algorithms and aid in providing better insight for decision making to management
Integrate with other applications and services within organisation to source the accurate data. This includes legacy systems & application and the most modern microservices with in organisation
Develop, Test and publish the data micro services that help innovate the current business process of planning, forecasting and replenishment
Manage and own the data services created and support them
Adapt the industry standard software development processes for automated continuous integration and deployment of the data services on various platforms like AWS, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes

We are looking for

Solid engineering and coding skills. Ability to write high performance production quality code. Experience in Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin or similar languages is a plus.
Industry experience building and productionizing with Big Data Platform primarily Hadoop, Spark and Kafka. Experience with various spring framework modules like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data Flow and Spring Security
Understanding of data processing algorithms. Effective at feature engineering and data analysis.

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