Brett, Central Retail Support Manager

I’ve been at Habitat for about six years now – ever since I joined as a Sales Manager. It’s the brand that’s kept me here. I started working for the store and quickly fell in love with the brand. What we do is different. Not many people design everything in-house and create quirky, exciting products like we do. It’s great to have products you can genuinely be proud of. In fact, I’ve got so many of them that my house is almost a Habitat showroom.

"My love of the brand is the biggest factor"

“My love of the brand is the biggest factor in me staying here, but I’ve had fantastic development opportunities too. I was promoted to Store Manager not too long after I joined, then I had the chance to work as Assistant Manager at one of our three flagship stores. For a while I was looking to move to the Head Office, but they asked me to stay and help roll out the Mini Habitats. It’s actually one of my proudest achievements here: contributing to the opening of all 84 Mini Habitat stores.”

"It’s a great role because of the variety"

“Now I’m essentially the gatekeeper of communication between Head Office and our stores. I go through all the communications, whether they’re from Retail, HR or whoever, and I decide what Head Office should prioritise. It’s a great role because of the variety: every day is different, so there’s never a risk of getting bored.”