Tom, FP&A Analyst

Before I came here I had been working for Home Retail Group in Milton Keynes, so I knew Habitat was a strong, quality brand. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to work here. I was also keen to relocate to London, so when a Habitat post opened up in London it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

"There’s always something different to do"

“I wasn’t disappointed: the role is ideal for me. Because of the variety of things I do, there’s never a risk of getting bored. It’s not the type of job where you get to the beginning of a new month and know you’ll have to start going through all the same tasks and processes again – there’s always something different to do. I also get to work with a really great team of people who I genuinely get on with. Everyone’s noticeably enthusiastic about the Habitat brand.”

"There are also a lot of opportunities for development"

“There are also a lot of opportunities for development – not just in terms of upward progression, but into different parts of the business too. I work in finance, but I’ve been able to get meaningful, useful experience in a whole host of other areas. For instance, I was recently involved in the new Habitat website, which was a brilliant opportunity to work on something new and also vitally important to the company.”